3 BIG Updates!


1. Mission Accomplished!

Maximum Joy! Delivered to U2 band, June 2017
Max Joy

Join us in prayer for a favorable response! View our video to them below.

2. OSC introduces
a Social Sustainability Initiative


3. The 2nd Edition of

Maximum Joy!

Will be available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble  Thanksgiving 2018!

We Live in an Unprecedented Time . . .
Never Before, in the
History of Humanity have
We Possessed the Ability
to End the Suffering and
Hopelessness of so many . . .
until Now!


Operation Serving Children

Since 1998

$35+ Million in Relief

Every $1 donated to Operation Serving Children provides

over $50 in relief to Children in the USA and throughout the world.
100% of your donation provides aid to children and their families.
OSC Angels pay all expenses!


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