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Maximum Joy to Bono!

Max Joy

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We are using social media to get Bono’s attention as we hold a key to mobilize
the masses to help end the suffering of so many children.

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With enough social media attention we can get the

mass media involved and connect with Bono.
He has been at the frontier in raising awareness through the ONE Campaign.

He often says that a mass effort is needed to focus many on alleviating suffering.

We have the Key to do this.

OSC has copyrighted a novel and screenplay to create

a major motion picture that will be the driving force to this goal…

But we need Bono to contact us!

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We Live in an Unprecedented Time . . .
Never Before, in the
History of Humanity have
We Possessed the Ability
to End the Suffering and
Hopelessness of so many . . .
until Now!

Operation Serving Children

Since 1998

$35+ Million in Relief

Every $1 donated to Operation Serving Children provides

over $50 in relief to Children in the USA and throughout the world.
100% of your donation provides aid to children and their families.
OSC Angels pay all expenses!

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