An Invitation to:


Participation entitles you to:
– A vote in the direction of this initiative, simple majority of the number of existing members decides the direction
– A vehicle for you to share your ideas, the number of ideas you can offer to enhance society is unlimited
– All above the age of 18 are eligible, those under 18 can be a member of the ‘family plan’ (specifics to follow). Families have an equal number of votes as to the number of members in the family. Adults agree to explain to those under 18 the different initiatives being voted on. A family gets to vote in any combination and direction of choice.

Rules of Initiative:
– All are eligible regardless of sex, politics, and religion. No discussion or opinions are permitted to be shared regarding sex, politics and religion. This initiative calls those interested to work for peace and sustainability. This program is open to all but is not a platform for judging others.

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