OSC launches breakthrough Social Sustainability project: The Solar Shade.

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Maximum Joy

Maximum Joy is receiving inspirational reviews and top ratings! The increase in donations to OSC and proceeds from book sales have provided funding to deliver $1,000,000 in life-saving medicine, which supplies 28,000 treatments to communities around the world including Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and India.

On their behalf, we thank you for your generosity!

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Our Mission

OSC is a global child relief agency that serves the children of God. OSC provides food, medicine and shelter for families in crisis and develops programs for a self-sustaining society.

OSC has provided more than $37 million in relief since 1998.
Every $1 donated to Operation Serving Children provides an average $50 in relief to children everywhere.
100% of your donation goes towards aid to children and their families.

Our goal is to improve the quality of humanity everywhere through science, technology, and love.

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Maximum Joy is a visionary fiction novel inspired by our belief that we are all children of one Creator and we are to care for one another. 

The purchase of each novel provides food, medicine and hope to children around the world. See Relief Programs to learn how.

See Maximum Joy for more information and feel the joy that the spirit of sharing brings.

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