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“I rate Maximum Joy 4 out of 4 stars. It is engaging and inspiring. It promotes charitable giving and shows how one can find hope in hopelessness. In addition, it reveals how one can actually bring more joy into their life. Moreover, it was exceptionally well edited; I didn’t see any grammar or typos. I recommend it to anyone who has the dream of reaching out to the needy around them.”
– Rosemary Wright, Official Reviewer,

“Each of us has a great capacity for joy and the act of sharing never fails to tap this inner wellspring. I highly recommend this touching story because it reminds us of this simple truth, which is too often forgotten. Maximum Joy especially points us to the joy of sharing with others in need.”
– Donna D’Ingillo, Founder of the Institute for Christ Consciousness & Author of Teach Us to Love

“Maximum Joy is a delightful and heartwarming story of the adventure of awakening to one’s spiritual destiny. It is touching, yet quite profound and insightful. It speaks to the spirit and indeed brings joy to the heart.”
– The Honorable Martin Risacher (Ret.)

“Heartwarming and inspirational. It’s a tale of hope and resilience with a backdrop of a sweet love story that will leave your spirit lighter having read it.”
– Julie Simons, LCSW

“What a joy to read this well written, engaging, and inspiring story of one man’s experiences and lessons as he follows his heart to help children. Page after page, thanks to the storytelling ability of the authors, I felt like I was right there with Nic, experiencing and feeling what was happening with and within him. It was deeply touching to see…” Read More
– Allene Vick

“In my 50 year search to find meaning and positive energy in and for my life and family, I have read many books starting of course with both the New and Old Testament, and I was so taken and moved by the novel ‘Maximum Joy’ that I strongly recommend their book to everyone out there that are searching for…” Read More
– John Blouin

If Santa Claus asked you to accept a challenging mission to improve the human condition that involves personal sacrifice, blind trust and mind-blowing journeys through space and time, would you accept?

Nic Perugino accepted that very mission. As a small boy he dreamt of becoming a modern-day Santa Claus who delivers food and medicine to the world’s poorest children. Throughout his life he is visited by celestials, including the spirit of Saint Nicholas, the original Santa Claus. This special corps of angels helps Nic grasp the realities of inequality and poverty everywhere, and help him understand the true meaning of sharing.

Nic travels the world, ministering to leper children in India, working with Mother Teresa, and delivering life-saving supplies to remote parts of Africa. With the love of his life, Sara, he pursues his ultimate goal of leading people everywhere to realize that we can upgrade the human condition through a deeper awareness of our Creator’s love for us and by sharing our resources wisely. Nic and Sara spread this spirit of sharing, developing an innovative plan for a socially sustainable world.

The couple creates a successful global child relief agency and all goes well until Nic hits a wall, doubts his ambition to become a genuine Santa Claus, and begins to falter in the mission – until an unexpected gift turns it all around in a culmination that will thrill and inspire readers of every age.

Proceeds provide food, medicine and hope to children.


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