Social Sustainability

Social Sustainability…

When systems; structures; and relationships actively support the capacity of current and future generations to create healthy and livable communities. Socially sustainable communities are equitable, diverse, connected and democratic and provide a good quality of life helping everyone achieve the full potential they are created for.

A Social Sustainability Initiative:

What if… 5 million people agreed to share attitudes and ideas to enrich our global society in areas such as the following:

1. Research and development of a carbon nano-tube material “Solar Web” to shield the amount of heat and radiation that reaches the earth, thereby shadowing portions of the oceans and polar caps and reducing temperatures in over heated areas. See how the Solar Web works: View PDF.

2. New education “certificates” to all by age 15 focusing on parenting, nutrition and personal finance skills.

3. A financial program that provides loans and services to those who are otherwise ineligible, offering financial training for all. 

4. Solar-powered sustainable farms growing healthy fish, vegetables, fruit, and more; aquaponic systems that can be installed in in any climate and geographical conditions providing locals to self-sustain themselves with healthy food sources.

5. New clean water development and waste disposal technologies.

6. Research and development of new energy sources such as magnetic fusion energy and others. 

7. Centralized network of health care systems delivering basic life saving supplies more efficiently.

8.  Mapping global relief efforts where all groups can share their project objectives and specifics so to unite in collaboration; where volunteers can connect and discover the vast variety of relief efforts to join or support.

9.  Solar-powered tablets for all! Providing educational, healthcare, economic resources for all with hardware blocking devices denying access to violent, hateful, or illicit information.

10. Develop a N.I.W. (Nothing Is Wasted) attitude and program to re-use all matter. A “cradle to cradle” approach to enhance the growth of local businesses to sustain new economies.

11. “Political Science” research promoting the best aspects and approaches of government practices, creating fare and just democracies for all.

13. OSC-TV, a multi-media progress information center.

What if…

What if 5 million people agreed to share attitudes and ideas to enrich our global society…

What if 5 million people assembled the very best ideas in every field, elevating the standard of living for all…

What if 5 million people each had a vote to determine the direction of this program….

The 5 Million (T5M) – A Social Sustainability Initiative

Life, we all share the right to the ‘quality of life’
Equality, we all share the right to access all this world has to offer
Growth, we all share the privilege to develop a better world for the next generation

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